Tank cleaning guide and cargo database

Chemical/product tankers transport an enormous variety of chemical and oil products in global and short sea trade. The products vary widely in their properties and characteristics thus effective tank cleaning is more and more essential. In addition the chemical industry and their customers had continuously increased their quality requirements which results in ever high standards regarding the cleanliness of tanks. Due to the large number of different products transported, it is hardly possible for the ship’s command to have detailed knowledge about the effective cleaning for all chemicals. Available as:

  • DVD-ROM (MIRACLE client)
  • Online database (web-based and continuously updated with newest information)

Cleaning Proposals

Product data and cleaning recipes

Tankcleaning recipes forthe complete list of MARPOL Annex I and Annex II cargoes. Cargo data are displayed on one page. Several recipes for each cargo. Best fit for the required cleaning job can be selected. Automatical calculation of minimum prewash calculation according to revised MARPOL Annex II. Several integrated compatibility checks such as adjacent cargo acc to USCG, FOSFA, NIOP, EU list of accepted and banned previous cargoes and compatibility with coating systems of major coating suppliers. Special requirements from IBC code chapter 15 amd 16. Emergency response Information for all hazardous cargoes. Detailed information about DRAEGER Tubes applicable for the selected cargo. Stowage data such as voyage temp, discharge temperature, max adjacent temperature. Interactive Tank Cleaning Plan.

Cleaning Seminar

Background Information for in depth understanding

Comprehensive theoretical background which is required for sucsessful tank cleaning. Describes the way a tank cleaning job should be planned and the tank cleaning related safety. Various definitions of terms and abbreveations. Extract from Marpol Annex I and Annex II. List of approved cleaning agents. A comprehensive troubleshooting section describes solutions to frequent occuring problems.


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