Methods & Information Repository for Advanced Cleaning

MIRACLE Tank Cleaning Database is a guide for Tank Cleaning. It consists of tank cleaning proposals and related cargo data for the cargoes listed under MARPOL Annex I and Annex II. It also includes a comprehensive information section covering the complete theoretical background of tank cleaning. The database is updated and enhanced regularly with new legislative requirements, new cleaning experience and enhanced functionality.

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Defects & Deficiencies Database

3D (Defects and Deficiencies Database) is a comprehensive repository for shipboard inspections. The database provides a consolidated reporting of CDI, SIRE, Port State Control Inspections, Internal & External audits, Non Conformities and many other inspection and report types. The results are shown in reports and graphs and are a perfect tool for performance measurement of QSE (Quality, Safety a Environment). Improvement potentials can be identified through the database. The database fulfills the reporting requirements from TMSA section 12 (Tanker Management and Self Assessment)

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Dr. Verwey's Tank Cleaning Guide

Dr. Verwey’s Tank Cleaning Guide provides tank cleaning recipes for the most frequently shipped bulk liquid cargoes.

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