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ChemServe 3D is a comprehensive repository for shipboard inspections and observations.

It features both office and ship client software, ensuring everyone on your team always has accurate, up-to-date information.

Keeping everyone in the loop can sometimes be difficult, particularly with international shipping fleets dealing with people working in different time zones and across global locations.

Our software solves this problem by enabling your office staff to communicate seamlessly with the onboard crews using a single system.

This enables you to prevent, monitor, and quickly resolve deficiencies throughout your fleet.

3D easily identifies recurring problems, and the experience gained is fed back into the system to improve preventative actions in the future.

Our built-in reporting engine keeps track of your fleet performance and KPI‘s, and our tools help you continually improve efficiency.


All standard inspections are supported out of the box and are safely archived.

Choose from more than 200 different inspection templates, including:

  • CDI
  • SIRE
  • PSC
  • Incident Reports
  • Internal Audits
  • External Audits
  • Non-conformities
  • Terminal Inspections

If you need something outside of these standard reports, use our custom report templates to create your own.

As you know, the standard inspection questionnaires are changed from time to time.

To save you time and hassle, we automatically maintain and update all standard questionnaires within the system, so you are always up to date.

We want to make things even easier for you when you enter new reports in our system.

We guide you through each step, with autocompletion and pre-filling of known data.

You can even refer to our guidance notes for typical cases. Our validation system ensures that all required data is entered into the system correctly. Our inbuild report editor highlights inconsistent or incomplete data so that you can make corrections.

If you have an existing official CDI or SIRE report, you don’t have to reenter all the data. Simply upload it directly into 3D and make the necessary changes. Reducing duplicate data entry not only saves time, but it also helps prevent inaccurate data transfer.

All employees have access to the required inspection sheets, templates, and procedures.


3D continually tracks any recorded deficiency. As the target date for removal of the defect approaches, an automatic warning is issued. You can assign a specific person or department responsible for rectifying the defect and group the defects according to severity.

As soon as the crew has solved the problem onboard, 3D immediately informs the office as well.

With the help of 3D, you will never overlook occurring defects, so you can always fix them within a reasonable period of time.


Our system provides an offline-capable client, which can be used directly on board of vessels. Communication between office and ship and vice-versa is instant and reliable.

What does this mean in practice?

For example, the crew onboard can enter an incident directly into the system and send it to the office for further processing. The office can then take over the management, define suitable preventive actions, and send these back to the ship. All within 3D, and therefore traceable, reliable, and very easy to monitor.

Of course, the same applies to all other types of inspection records as well.


With our clean and well-designed dashboard, you can monitor ongoing tasks in the system.

Alerts to upcoming tasks ensure you don’t miss important deadlines.

Our dashboard also provides performance measurements at a glance to quickly compare various fleet and vessel KPIs.

Our dashboards transform all relevant data into insightful charts and graphs.

Rest assured that you won’t miss essential requests that require your attention with proactive alerts to monitor various tasks in the system.

Measure performance across your fleet by generating various fleet and vessel KPIs, rendered in detailed chart and graph formats.




Automated Log

Sometimes it is necessary to see who made changes within the system, and why.

3D automatically records all activities, so you can easily track changes.

Logging doesn’t just help internal communication; it aids you in meeting the requirement for complete traceability of modifications that more and more organizations demand.



Instead of waiting for a problem to happen, our system helps you work pro-actively to identify potential issues within your fleet in advance.

Over 40 custom-built reports alert you to concerning issues at an early stage and determine the preventative actions and improvements required.

We provide a wide range of reports, including:

  • Standard management reports
  • Quality assurance reports
  • Safety reports
  • In-Depth Fleet Analysis


In combination with our dynamic filter system, you will have an innovative and detailed view of your existing fleet and quickly identify possible improvements.


Use our built-in document management system to effortlessly and securely exchange files.

Fully GDPR-compliant, this system enables you to attach photos, emails, and other documents directly to a deficiency so that users always know precisely where things stand.

You can also provide the latest company manuals to your entire fleet via this system.

You will never again experience the frustration of searching for missing files.

Our document management system includes full text and keyword searches as well.



ISM Compliance

We tailored our software to comply with the safety requirements of section 9 of the ISM Code.

3D deals with accidents, incidents, and near misses, also including personal injury, property- and environmental damage.


Starting with a reminder that the next inspection will soon take place, our system provides comprehensive assistance for self-assessments on a vessel.

You can quickly and easily draw up checklists for audits, reviews, and vetting inspections.


Wouldn’t it be great to compare SIRE, CDI, PSC, and other inspections directly, even though they use different questionnaires?

Yes, we thought so too.

So we invented a system called “SIRE Reference” which makes it possible to assign each defect to a category (similar to the OCIMF main chapters.) Even though the questions in each questionnaire are written slightly differently, the over-riding category assigned automatically by the system enables a direct comparison.

The result?

You can now easily compare different inspection reports, even if they use different questionnaires. Which, in turn, leads to a much deeper insight into your fleet than ever before.


The shipping industry doesn’t stay still. You need to stay abreast of the constant introduction and adaptations of laws and regulations. We automatically update 3D to reflect these changes at no extra cost, leaving you free to concentrate on more critical tasks.


If you have a problem with our software, you want it sorted out as fast as possible. Since we equipped all our components with automatic update systems and automated error reporting, we can quickly react to any issues.

You may need to speak to an experienced member of our staff. You don’t just want a response from an automated bot, or to be directed to an impersonal telephone support center.

Our experts are available via email or phone if you need assistance.

We assign a specific member of our support team to each customer. That way, you don’t have to start explaining your company, your fleet, or the current situation. You can get started solving the issue right away.

Any questions? Contact us!