MIRACLE desktop client update January 2022

The recent update contains newly added cargoes and changes mentioned in the MEPC.2/Circ 27.

List 2 (Pollutant only mixtures, Trade-Named Mixtures having Noxious Liquid Substances…in their IBC name)

As announced earlier, cargoes under List 2 and 3 must be re-evaluated. 

An expiry date (31.12.2025) has been added to 176 of 178 List 2 cargoes. Cargoes not re-assessed until the end of 2025 will be deleted from List 2.

Some 30 cargoes from ExxonMobil Belgium have been removed from List 2 and are now classified as Annex I cargoes. (This comprises all Escaids except Escaid 110 Special Fluid, all Exxsols, all Exx-Prints all Varsols except Varsol 140, all CF 2000 and 2100 and Solvesso 100)

List 3 Trade-named mixtures presenting safety hazards 

134 of 220 cargoes obtained the new expiry date (31.12.2025). Likewise, as in List 2, these must be re-evaluated by the end of 2025.

Thirty (30) new cargoes have been added. Most of them are Lubeoil additives and drilling fluids.

Anx I cargoes

Next to the 30 cargoes “relocated” from List 2 to Annex I, some new Baseoils and Naphthas have been added.

A detailed list of database updates

A detailed list of changes is available in the MIRACLE desktop client in the News section Database Updates.

IBC CODE 2020 / 2021

Fully integrated into MIRACLE now

Over the last few months, we have been busy bringing our database in line with the latest version of the IBC code.

We are pleased to announce that all MIRACLE versions are now fully compliant with the new IBC Code regulations.

We updated all product information (chapter 17 / 18), improved our prewash calculation to include persistent floaters, incorporated the new European rules, and created a shiny new prewash map.



Training Tutorial and Quiz about Washing Water Analysis added

Training Tutorial and Quiz about Washing Water Analysis

According to the CDI Ship Inspection Report for chemical tankers, crew and shore side personnel’s training should have the necessary competence for interpretation of measurements onboard and provision of appropriate management support.

The newly implemented MIRACLE E-Learning Module contains a training Tutorial about Washing Water Analysis and an integrated Quiz for certification.
After successful completion of the Quiz, we will issue a certificate.

Our latest survey shows that our new e-learning module is very well received.


Persistent floaters added

Persistent floaters are handled by MIRACLE now

Learn more about prewash calculation