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Verwey goes digital

The renowned Dr. Verwey’s Tank Cleaning Guide is now available as App. Download and try the Verwey Web App one week for free with this code TRYOUT7. Our buy it here in our webshop

• cleaning procedures for 170.000 combinations of bulk liquid cargoes • knowledgebase with specific cleaning know-how and best cleaning practices • compact cargo overview including physical properties and acceptances • includes IBC 2021 requirements for Chemicals

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Dr. Verwey's Tank Cleaning Guide Book

11th Edition

Dr. Verwey’s Tank Cleaning Guide provides procedures for cleaning of cargo tanks on chemical and petroleum tank ships. For more than 400 bulk liquid cargoes the cross table gives guidance on how to clean from the previous cargo so that the tank is acceptable for the next cargo. Tank cleaning procedures are listed for some 170,000 previous to next cargo combinations. With this edition we have released for the first time a digital version: Dr. Verwey’s TCG App. Buyers of the book have free access to the app for one year. To buy the book pls contact your nautical publication seller. Dr. Verwey’s TCG is now also available as a digital version. The book has 488 pages. Weight 1.82 kg ISBN Nr: 978-3-00-0637216-6 This book is available from your nautical bookseller.